Snowbox – the perfect cold test environment. The playground to test and validate technological solutions for connected and automated driving: vehicles, components, and services. Proving grounds, open road routes, cross border areas – all you need for connected automated vehicle testing in the same region.

Snowbox is located 200 km above Arctic Circle bordering Northern Norway and Sweden. The area is covered by snow around half a year, temperature can dip down to -40 degrees (Celsius) and Polar night lasts approximately one month.


Test your vehicles on Snowbox public roads
More about authorisation and license to test

Public road test locations in Snowbox 
More about routes and areas

Test in a closed environment
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6 months winter season

116 days below -10 °C
51 days below -20 °C
9 days below -30 °C

Public roads for testing
Border crossing to Norway and Sweden
Independent proving grounds

Weather based on the data 1991-2014 from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.




• Most certainly cold
• Long lasting winter
• 4 seasons
• One-month Polar night
• Midnight sun period around 2 months

Legal framework for CAV testing

• Autonomous vehicles can be tested on Finnish public roads.
• The test vehicle can be remote controlled.

Roads and testing facilities

• Predefined public routes
• Proving grounds
• Cross-border testing to Norway and Sweden

Instrumented road and digital infrastructure

• Real-time information about environment
• Accurate positioning
• Winter data for simulation
• HD maps on request of customer

Aurora SnowTeam

• Engineering services
• Offices
• Workshops
• Accommodation
• Event venue

Social license to test

• Activities are supported by local municipalities

Find hidden problems before your customer

Automated driving will not become globally widespread without weather-proof technological solutions. Winter and cold testing is an essential part of modern vehicle testing.

Do you want to learn more about your capabilities in cold?

If your systems work in adverse weather conditions you have tackled one the biggest challenge for self-driving vehicles. Unexpected behavior of CAVs can be discovered fastest during cold tests in the Arctic area. You can find problems before they end up to series production.

Snowbox News

  • Catalonia Living Lab and Aurora Snowbox join forces on development and testing of automated vehicles on public roads
    4.11.2020 • News
  • World’s Leading Moving Deflectometer Technique Verified at Aurora Test Site in Muonio, Finnish Lapland
    28.10.2020 • News
  • WinterSIM and Snowbox – Designing first-class winter testing and simulations for autonomous vehicles in Lapland
    16.10.2020 • News