Finnish transport authorities designed and instrumented Intelligent Road Aurora to ensure a possibility to study winter road maintenance and intelligent infrastructure asset management to meet requirements for future transport and automated vehicles of all conditions.

Equipped test section on public main road E8 (10 km) enables to measure changes in road structures in many ways. Instrumented test site provides documented data about each test drive.

They can be, for exmple

  • Weight of vehicles, axel by axel
  • Vehicles lateral position on the lane
  • Surface temperatures from the lane area
  • Depth of frost
  • Moisture properties until 1.1 m
  • Vertical movement of road structure on the moment of overpass
  • Road structure monitoring
  • Accurate data about functional condition of road before, during and after testing

Measurable areas of interest

  • Vibration
  • Weight
  • Pressure
  • Acceleration
  • Oscillation frequency
  • Road surface slipperiness
  • Measuring and monitoring of the road structure and condition
  • Traffic volumes

Real-time information about road conditions (incl. frost sensor and radiometer) generated by road weather stations.


Embedded sensors and instruments

  • Road Weather Station
  • R&D Weather Station
  • Road flow measurement
  • Electricity
  • Fibre cable connection and network
  • Piping and cross-piping for instrumentation
  • Equipment shelter
  • Enclosures and device cabinets
  • Masts and poles for instrumentation
  • Variable message sign
  • 4 GNSS positioning correction stations
  • High speed 3G/4G/LTE 800 mobile networks

Aurora Intelligent Road map