Aurora partners provide their expertise to help your testing projects. Whatever the weather – they know how to manage in cold. Besides the ones listed here, further facilities might be added soon. Tailor-made other solutions can be designed in case you have specific needs.

Lapland Proving Ground

Lapland Proving Ground is a testing area, designed especially for vehicle cold climate testing. The full-service proving ground is located 200 km above the Arctic Circle. The size of the area is over 500 hectares. LPG provides 20 km of different land-based test tracks including flat and round tracks and tracks with straights, curves and topography and 3 separate workshops which are connected to the offices and the conference room. Cold chambers are also available for use.

The facilities and tracks are designed for all types of vehicles up to truck size. The profiles and shape of the tracks are very diverse providing a great combination of different types of curves and natural uphills and downhills. The land-based area is secured with fences and offers a safe prototype testing possibility.

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Roadscanners is a Finland based company specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure asset management. The focus of the Roadscanners’ activities is structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, streets, bridges and airports. Its key expertise has been in the development of the use of new digital electromagnetic non-destructive methods, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), laser scanner, accelerometer, HD and thermal camera linked together with GPS, in the monitoring and diagnostics of roads, streets, bridges and airports. Roadscannners has also been focusing on the area of intelligent transport system.

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Ahola Transport

Ahola Transport is a logistics group with activities in different transport segments and also provides digital solutions for transport management. Ahola is interested in developing and utilizing (semi)autonomous and environmentally friendly technologies for new innovative logistics services.

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Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer. It also includes the Vianor chain, specializing in vehicle maintenance and tire services. Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures high-quality tires for passenger cars, vans, and trucks. It is the inventor of winter tyre and especially well known for innovative winter tires, while also develops competitive summer and all-season tire ranges. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy special tires, Nokian Tyres focus on selected segments, such as forest, agricultural, harbor and mining machinery.

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Plugit Finland

Plugit Finland is the charging solutions provider. It helps to design the unit and deliver the charging system safely installed. The company has a strong experience to build charging infrastructure in cold environment. Plugit Finland started pioneering and designing new services for the growing eMobility industry in 2012. The company has grown from the innovative, fresh garage start-up to a trusted eMobility turn-key solution designer and provider. Plugit Finland expertise lies on hundreds of business critical projects, developing of its own Software Platform and Electronics, and Managing and integrating Big Data.

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Ramboll is a leading international engineering, design, and consultancy company with 16,500 experts worldwide. In Finland Ramboll employs 2,500 people throughout the country. We deliver our clients innovative solutions in markets as diverse as Buildings, Construction Management, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, and Environment & Health. With the help of our experts and strong insight, we aim to create solutions that truly strengthen the whole society.

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National Land Survey of Finland

NLS is an expert organization that provides information, service, and research from the Earth. Its main missions are to update information on Real Estate and Real Estate actions, produce maps and promote research and usage of spatial data in Finland. Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) belongs to the NLS and conducts innovative research and expert work within the field of spatial data.

FGIs main contribution to Aurora Intelligent Transport test site is research related to accurate satellite positioning utilizing FinnRef network, navigation in challenging conditions using multiple methods (GNSS, sensors, RF-networks and maps) and production of highly accurate maps (HD-maps) that can be utilized by autonomous cars. NLS-FGI also operates an in-house developed autonomous car, which can be used to study the feasibility of various sensors and positioning technologies for autonomous driving.

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Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Lapland UAS provides R&DI solutions in different industries such as forestry, mining industry, built environment, tourism, healthcare, and mobility & transport. R&DI services include planning and implementation of software projects, planning of XR solutions, full-stack programming for web and mobile, visualizations and simulations, UI, UX & graphical design. Lapland UAS has applied their expertise in autonomous vehicle testing through simulations and visualizations of the area, virtual testing using Unreal and Unity game engines, and CARLA simulator.

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Development Fell Lapland

Development Fell Lapland with its partner municipalities Muonio and Enontekiö have the aim to develop the region in a variety of ways, from finding new investments to improving marketing and services. Furthermore, pro-active local administration has decided to contribute new mobility services and CAV testing by offering regional supporting and facilities for winter testing.

The region is a unique cluster of fells, the indigenous Sámi culture and the cleanest air in the world give the region its special character. More than 700 000 tourists stay in the area every year.

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Business Finland

Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel, and investment promotion. Business Finland’s 600 experts work in 40 offices globally and in 16 regional offices around Finland. Business Finland is an accelerator of global growth. It creates new growth by helping businesses go global and by supporting and funding innovations.

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Catalonia Living Lab

Catalonia Living Lab is a public-private framework for development and testing of connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies. Its primary goal is to cover all CAV related development and testing needs with Catalan (public) infrastructures and industry. Catalonia Living Lab provides the main test environments required in the development process of connected and automated vehicles: from virtual simulation to laboratories, proving grounds and public roads.

Catalonia Living Lab provides a comprehensive service portfolio designed to support automotive industry and research institutes worldwide. Between all partners involved, it covers the complete development cycle of automated and connected vehicle functionalities: from concept finding and design to integration and final validation.

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Sensible 4

Sensible 4 is a Finnish self-driving technology company, developing full-stack autonomous driving software that turns any vehicle into self-driving (Level 4) and enables them to drive in all weather conditions and environments. Sensible 4’s unique solution is the first in the world that enables autonomous vehicles to operate 365 days a year, in harsh arctic conditions or in tropical rain — removing the biggest obstacle in self-driving.

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