Let’s face it. Winter testing needs winter, the longer and colder – the better. Self-driving needs diverse testing environment – proving grounds, real world, cross border areas, and simulation. And sometimes we just do not manage only ourselves.

All you need for CAV winter testing is in one place.

  1. Snowbox test bed is located 200 km above Arctic Circle. Based on the excellent location we have long-lasting winter for demanding CAV and high-quality vehicle and system testing.
  2. Proving grounds and predefined public road routes are close to each other. Location enables cross-border testing both to Norway and Sweden.
    – Instrumented test section on public road: real time data from environment and infrastructure.
    – Positioning accuracy 2,5 – 5 cm alongside main road E8.
    – Winter data for simulation is in use this winter.
  3. Aurora SnowTeam. Full service at your fingertips: local transport, meeting rooms, workshops, garages, offices, accommodation, and outdoor activities.