Proving ground for cold climate testing

Lapland Proving Ground is a testing area, designed especially for vehicle cold climate testing. LPG can arrange a full range of reliable services for the customers. 40 years’ experience of cold weather car testing and a lot of know-how to support clients for successful test operations. A safe and reliable environment for testing is one of main tasks as a service provider.

Maintenance and preparation of the tracks

  • preparing the tracks to match the test program of the customers
  • Ice tracks can be fully customized according to the needs

Safety and security services

  • Access control at the main gate
  • Variety of guarding possibilities
  • Escorting the logistics safely into the proving ground
  • Emergency and first aid services

Durability testing

  • Over 20 years’ experience of durability testing services
  • Well trained, reliable, and professional durability test drivers
  • Coordination and engineering services

Service provided by Lapland Proving Ground

Road analyses

Roadscanners is a company specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure asset management. The focus of the activities is structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, streets, bridges, and airports. Its key expertise has been in the development of the use of new digital electromagnetic non-destructive methods, such as ground penetrating radar (GPR), laser scanner, accelerometer, HD and thermal camera linked together with GPS, in the monitoring and diagnostics of roads, streets, bridges and airports.

Roadscanners can provide turnkey services including everything from planning the project and conducting the surveys to long term paving plans. Alternatively, customers can just choose those services that they need and do the rest themselves.

Service provided by Roadscanners

Ahola Transport

Ahola Transport is a logistics group with activities in different transport segments and also provides digital solutions for transport management. Ahola is interested in developing and utilizing (semi)autonomous and environmentally friendly technologies for new innovative logistics services.

Service provided by Ahola Transport

The world’s northernmost tire manufacturer

Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire manufacturer. The Group also includes the Vianor chain, specializing in vehicle maintenance and tire services. Company employed 4,700 people.

Nokian Tyres develop and manufacture high-quality tires for passenger cars, vans, and trucks. It is the inventor of winter tyre and especially well known for innovative winter tires, while company also develop competitive summer and all-season tire ranges. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy special tires, Nokian Tyres focus on selected segments, such as forest, agricultural, harbor and mining machinery. Key products are produced in our factories in Nokia, Finland, in Vsevolozhsk, Russia and in Dayton, US.

Service provided by Nokian Tyres

Plugit Finland

  • Research & Development collaboration
  • Professional services for creating eMobility Solutions
  • HUBE, Multi-Purpose charging system for Heavy-Duty
  • Mixed-fleet Opticoncept for transportation professionals
  • Smart EV Charging Platform for ecosystems
  • Business Intelligence services.

Services provided by Plugit Finland


Ramboll combines technical domain know-how with understanding of the complicated governance and financial structures of the transportation sector. Management consultants, energy planners and global community of smart mobility experts work with you to develop holistic mobility strategies.

Simulating passenger flows, testing the impact on urban energy systems and estimating socio-economic impacts of different solutions. Ramboll´s experience ranges from modeling the impact of urban development on transport usage, and delivering roadmaps for implementing new technologies like autonomous vehicles, to electric buses, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions or action plans for increasing the uptake of cycling and walking.

Ramboll is a multi-disciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company working in markets as diverse as Buildings, Construction Management, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, and Environment & Health. With the help of experts and strong insight, Ramboll aim to create solutions that truly strengthen the whole society.

Services provided by Ramboll

Information, service, and research from the Earth

National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) is an expert organization that provides information, service, and research from the Earth. Its main missions are to update information on Real Estate and Real Estate actions, produce maps and promote research and usage of spatial data in Finland.

Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI belongs to the NLS and conducts innovative research and expert work within the field of spatial data. The esteemed international research institute offers reliable information for the benefit of society. FGIs main research areas are geodesy, positioning, navigation, remote sensing, laser scanning and spatial data research.

FGI are developing techniques related to smart transportation (on the road, on seas and at pedestrian traffic). It also develops various kinds of techniques for collecting and analyzing real time spatial data. Through new positioning technologies, it will be possible to use navigational services in new operational environments, such as difficult weather conditions. All positioning methods have their weaknesses, which means that in applications where security is critical, such as traffic, navigational services must be fault tolerant.

FGI´s main contribution to Aurora Intelligent Transport test site is research related to accurate satellite positioning utilizing FinnRef network, navigation in challenging conditions using multiple methods (GNSS, sensors, RF-networks and maps) and production of highly accurate maps (HD-maps) that can be utilized by autonomous cars. NLS-FGI also operates an in-house developed autonomous car, which can be used to study the feasibility of various sensors and positioning technologies for autonomous driving, HD generation and autonomous big data analytics in varying weather conditions.

Service provided by National Land Survey of Finland

R&D services

FrostBit Software Lab operates under the Digital Solutions competence group together with the ICT engineering education at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. FrostBit provides R&D services to the companies and businesses and collaborates on digitalization with national and international partners.

Key technologies

  • XR & Game Technologies includes planning, designing, and creating state-of-the-art visualizations, simulations, games & XR solutions.
  • Web & Mobile Development & Complex Data Systems includes obtaining, transforming, and building complex data systems integrated with web and mobile applications.

Service provided by Lapland UAS / FrostBit Lab

Catalonia Living Lab service portfolio


Catalonia Living Lab provides a comprehensive engineering service portfolio designed to support automotive industry and research institutes worldwide. Between all partners involved, it covers the complete development cycle of automated and connected vehicle functionalities: from concept finding and design to integration and final validation. Engineering services include benchmarking, product specifications, development of advanced communication systems and autonomous functions, validation testing of hardware and software, driver training, component integration, big data tools and analysis.

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Virtual Simulation

Catalonia Living Lab provides for development of connected and automated vehicles technologies in virtual environments. CARLA for example, is an open-source simulator for autonomous driving research developed by Computer Vision Center (CVC). CARLA has been developed to support development, training, and validation of autonomous urban driving systems. Applus+ IDIADA provides a dynamic driving simulator (DiM250 from VI-Grade). This facility allows for virtual testing in areas such as ADAS, autonomous driving and HMI applications. It is capable of generating longitudinal, transversal and rotational acceleration forces up to 2.5 g, characterized by extremely low latency and high-frequency, replicating a wide range of vehicle maneuvers and reproducing complex driving situations. This allows for testing and tuning of ADAS and autonomous driving functions at a very early stage of development.

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Proving Grounds

Catalonia Living Lab provides for testing of connected and automated vehicles on various comprehensive independent proving grounds. Most notably those of Applus+ IDIADA (370 hectares) and Parcmotor Castellolí (100 hectares). These proving grounds provide for all-year-round testing. Facilities include high speed circuits, fatigue & comfort tracks, dynamic platforms, dry & wet handling tracks, test hills, wet braking surfaces, many confidential workshops, V2X communication networks, and various test tracks dedicated to testing of highly automated vehicles. Customized testing solutions in controlled environments can be designed in case of specific requests.

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Public Roads

Catalonia Living Lab provides for testing of connected and automated vehicles on public roads. Testing on public roads is not limited to predefined routes and areas: customized testing solutions on international public roads can be designed in case of specific requests. Services include methods for route selection and assessment, SOTIF validation testing and development, provision of HD maps, virtual replay of critical scenarios, and a dedicated driver training for automated prototypes on public roads. Since 2015, a legal framework allows for public road testing of highly automated vehicles in Catalonia (L3, L4, L5). This single point of contact has been established to conveniently guide customers through all steps of the authorization process. Partner Autopistas Abertis has equipped a 20km section of public highway with the latest technologies in terms of communication (ITS-G5), sensing, traffic management 2.0 and data analytics. The test site is located in the Mediterranean Corridor (TEN-T Network) between Barcelona and the French Border. This pilot site provides the opportunity to demonstrate any project related to CAV in a real traffic scenario supported by the latest technologies and the support of an experienced partner.

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