Snowbox provides testing facilities for connected and automated vehicles testing in safe, secure, and cold environment. Customized testing solutions can be designed in case of specific needs.

Lapland Proving Ground


Lapland Proving Ground is an independent testing area, designed especially for vehicle cold climate testing. The full-service proving ground is located few kilometres from Aurora instrumented test section on main road E8. Proving ground area is over 500 hectares. LPG provides 20 km of different land-based test tracks including flat and round tracks and tracks with straights, curves, and topography and 3 separate workshops which are connected to the offices and the conference room. Cold chambers are also available for use.

The facilities and tracks are designed for all types of vehicles up to truck size. The profiles and shape of the tracks are very diverse providing a great combination of different types of curves and natural uphills and downhills. The land-based area is secured with fences and offers a safe prototype testing possibility.


  • 23 km tracks on land
  • 1000 sqm of garages
  • Offices, workshops
  • Up to 10 km of ice tracks can be made on the lake
  • Fuel station. Special fuel types upon request
  • For electric and hydrogen vehicles the required charging/fuelling services
  • 4 cold chambers
  • 500 hectares land with existing building permissions
  • Driver and engineering personal available

Facilities provided by Lapland Proving Ground

Hetta Airport


  • 540 hectares
  • runaway track of 2,000 meters in length and 45 meters width
  • Welcome & reception area
  • Huge tracks of land nearby with few or no houses
  • Parking for more than 200 vehicles
  • Catering possibility
  • Hotel accommodation and other services appr. 10 km away

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Foto: Nilla-Máhtte Magga