Cross-border FIN-SWE



The route starts from the main road E8, northern part of Intelligent Road Aurora continuing to Sweden. The road goes over the border river Muonionjoki.

From a perception point of view, the route is easy to drive. The road is straight, no big curves, neither gradients. The bridge connects the countries. Time zone and mobile network operator change when passing the border.

Road edges are covered by snow or higher snowbanks in winter. The bridge has metallic railings. In Finland side the road is equipped by e.g. different road measurement sensors, road weather station, R&D weather station, and traffic flow camera. Positioning accuracy down to 5 centimetres. In Sweden side road continues as a rural main road with no digital infrastructure. In the customs area speed limit is restricted to 30 km/h.

In winter traffic signs can be snow covered partly or totally. Road lane markings are normally snow covered and not visible.

Road users vary between cars, heavy trucks, motorbikes, pedestrians, cyclists. Especially in summertime there are vans, caravans, cyclists, and motorbikes. Pedestrians are using mainly sidewalks.

No border control.


  • Length: 7 km
  • Lane width: 3,0 – 3,5 m
  • Type of road: main road
  • State of road: good
  • Maximum speed: 30-90 km/h
  • Number of intersections: 5
  • Number of bridges: 2
  • Mobile network coverage: good