Pallas Road


The road goes in the national park area and in the holiday seasons there is tourism traffic. Partly curvy road with growing gradient. The route goes up to the mountain area above tree limit. The weather can vary very quickly from clear sky to the snowstorm. Typically, in wintertime snow is packed on the road by wind especially on the mountain area. That can cause unpredictable situations for road users especially if they have no experience about driving in winter conditions.

Road edges are covered by snow or very high snowbanks in winter. Road users vary between cars, vans, caravans, and buses.

From a perception point of view, this route can be difficult to drive. High snowbanks on curvy sections, snow fog and circulating snow can prevent or restrict visibility to few meters. Reindeer can be on the road.


  • Length, 20 km
  • Lane width, 3,0 m
  • Type of road: rural, local road
  • State of road: fair to good
  • Maximum speed: 60-80 km/h
  • Number of intersections: 2
  • Bridges: 2
  • Mobile network coverage: good