Cross-border FIN-NOR


Cross-border area starting from Kilpisjärvi, Finland to Skibotn, Northern Norway continuing as Borealis Road. The road has a yellow centre line, but the road is partly narrow. The combination of a narrow road, sharp curves and steep gradients causes problems especially for heavy vehicles and trucks.

Snow drifting is a problem closer to the Finnish border and reindeer can cause accidents.

Mobile network operator and time zone change when passing the border.

Road edges are covered by snow of higher snowbanks in winter. Along the road there are many metallic railings in Norwegian side.

Road users vary between cars, heavy trucks, motorbikes, vans and caravans. Very popular tourist route.

Occasional border control.


Length: 51 km
Lane width: vary from very narrow up to 4 m.
Type of road: main road
State of road: good
Maximum speed: 30-90 km/h
Number of intersections: 2
Number of bridges: few
Mobile network coverage: good