Ylläs Scenic Road


The road connects two tourism villages in Ylläs ski resort area. The curvy road goes on the south side of Ylläs mountain. It ascends and descends to both side of the mountain. The road is illuminated by landscape lighting in some points. There is couple of parking area alongside the road. In the winter peak season, there is a lot of traffic on the road.

In the winter road edges are covered by snow or snowbanks. Road users are mainly personal cars, taxis, and ski buses. In village area there are lot of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road.

From a perception point of view, the route can be difficult to drive because of snowing, blowing, and circulating snow on frosty days. Sometimes fog occur in winter. They can prevent visibility effectively. On bright spring days snow reflects sun light and it can dazzle strongly thus preventing visibility.


  • Length: 13 km
  • Lane width: 3 m
  • Type of road: local road
  • State of road: good
  • Maximum speed, 40-80, mainly 60 km/h
  • Number of intersections: 4 and 1 roundabout
  • Number of bridges: 3
  • Mobile network coverage: good